Mike and Aleah's Portfolio includes a wide range of photographic work and Ai generative concept art. Although there are fundamental rules to photography they keep in mind; Mike and Aleah believe in pushing the creative boundaries to achieve a photograph that can stand on its own or add to a body of work.


Over the years, these two photographers developed their "Creative Workflow" together that is crucial in creating well balanced photographs. This workflow includes Communication, Research, Planning, Timing and Execution. These are Mike and Aleah's five keys to successfully creating each photograph. Additionally, they are also the first steps in deciding What, When, Where, and Why to create the photograph.


The development of Ai relative to creating art has been an addition to their set of creative tools. Their "Creative Workflow" is the same with one addition. It is the use of descriptive writing. Using text to describe what you are wanting to create is very different than having all the elements already present. It allows you to pick and choose what elements you want. As a result, Mike and Aleah's Ai generated art is deeply rooted in who they are as everyday people.

Ai Concept Art of a Turtle with Green Leaf's on its head standing on a tree stump holding a cup of coffee. Black and White Photograph of Beckham Hotel in Mineola, Texas, Made with Illford Paper Negatives and a 4x5 Gundlach Wood Camera
Photograph of California Driving School taken at the intersection of Garfield Avenue and W Pomona Boulevard.

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