Mike and Aleah have spent the last six years as professional long haul truck drivers and creating photographs all across the country every chance they got. They have several projects they will be including in this portfolio. As with any project, it takes a considerable amount of time and resources to photograph, edit and finish each project.


The 2015 Garland - Rowlett Tornado project was completed several years ago. The Historic Route 66 project is an ongoing body of work. This project will not be complete until the entire route has been photographed from the intersection of Adams Street and Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois to the "End of The Trail" sign in Santa Monica, California.  Another project that has been photographed is called "Just The Way It Is". This project was photographed using the 6x12 Belair Jetsetter Camera and Lomography 120 ISO 400 color film. The photographs document the skeletal remains of businesses, liquor stores and some night clubs around the western, southern, and eastern parts of Dallas, Texas.

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