In July of 2017, Aleah and I were brainstorming ideas that would allow us to photograph and get paid while traveling the country. Aleah had the idea of getting our Class A commercial drivers license. In August of 2017, Aleah and I obtained our Class A license and began to drive in 18-wheelers. Traveling the lower 48 states in an 18-Wheeler provided us with some unique opportunities to expand our photographic creativity. However, as time went by, we found ourselves analyzing alternative methods of creating photographs because using a Canon 60D wasn't always practical in an 18-wheeler moving at 70 mph down the highway. As a result, this led to the nagging question that seemingly created the obsession for both us relative to pushing the limits of photography. It boiled down to this: What can we use that is convenient, quick, light in weight, and durable to make photographs? We knew that we wanted to utilize every tool we had at our disposal to capture these photographs. The solution was to utilize cell phones, drones, and our Canon 60D.

Once we understood what tools we were going to use to create our photographs; subsequently, our photography and creativity began to grow. The expansion of photographic methods to create a photograph naturally forced us to analyze, change and adapt our creative decision making processes. We found ourselves changing the way we thought about creating a photograph. Now, our decisions and choices needed to be made relative to speed of a moving 18-wheeler, quickness of moving objects, convenience, time, frequency of traveling through a specific area, availability of light, and obstruction of objects to name just a few. That is in addition to how we fundamentally operate when creating photographs.


Six years later our growth as photographers has morphed into creating multiple bodies of cohesive work stretching across the United States and several portfolios. For Aleah and I, it was important to understand that photography is an intellectual and analytical process. We always understood that photography is a study of, and recording of, light by humans and technology. However, seeing several pieces of technology come together as one and bridge the gaps in creativity has been the catalyst behind our growth as creative individuals and photographers.


We hope you enjoy viewing our work. Each portfolio will be expanding as time goes on. Creating six years of photographs takes an immense amount of time to organize and edit.

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