Analogue photography requires an approach that involves preparation, planning and execution. It is nothing like the point and shoot mentality that has plagued the photography industry. It requires a skill set that is very different than the digital camera. However, there is a relationship that can formed between the analogue and digital environment. While a  darkroom for developing film, a dark closet for loading film, or a film loading tent, is still needed, the option to scan negatives for post-production in the digital environment is available because of film scanning equipment.


All of the 4x5 Pinhole and 4x5 Gundlach photograph's seen in this portfolio were created with 8x10 Ilford Photographic Paper cut down to 4x5 sections. The 6x9 Belair photograph's were made with the Lomorgraphy 120 ISO 400 Roll film. All of the 4x5 Toyo photographs were made with the Kodak Portra ISO 400 4x5 sheet film.Each photograph was developed in a darkroom and scanned into the digital environment. The analogue methods provide photographers with a tactile and tangible approach to creating photographs. The digital (D.S.L.R.) camera's do not offer that approach. While the digital camera has its place in photography, speed and quantity isnt always the best approach.

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