In the early evening hours on December 26, 2015 the cities of Garland and Rowlett, Texas experienced a historic weather event. The day of the 26th recorded temperatures in the mid 70's and fairly high dew points. Even though meteorologists were discussing the potential of this event happening in the days leading up to the event, nobody thought it would ever happen here. After the sun had set and night had fallen, a massive EF4 wedge tornado touched down on the southeast edge of Garland carving a path from southeast Garland northwest into Rowlett. The tornado crossed over the I-30 and President George Bush Turnpike (PGBT 190) road interchange killing several people, and sending cars flying through the air. It crossed over Lake Ray Hubbard and continued into Rowlett destroying everything in it's path. The EF4 tornado eventually dissipated once it reached the Lavon, Texas area. This portfolio documents the immediate days following the devastation the EF4 tornado left in its wake.


The photographs shown in this portfolio were created with the 6x12 Belair Jetsetter Camera and 120 Kodak TMax ISO 400 Roll Film. The film was then developed in the darkroom at Texas A&M University Commerce in Commerce, Texas. Hard copies were made with a photo enlarger in the darkroom on Ilford Photographic Paper. Additionally, all the negatives were scanned into the digital environment.

December 26,2015 Garland - Rowlett, Texas

EF4 Tornado Aftermath

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